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There are changes (mostly additions) most days most weeks, sometimes quite a few, sometimes only one or two. The imporant ones are listed in this file, and are current to the date that follows.

                                                                      Date of this file :  April 20, 2014

Maarten Maartensz











        These are the additions, changes and corrections  of 2014.

        For earlier ones see 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 , 2009, 2010,
, 2012, 2013

        Note this is a selection of the changes on this site and in Nederlog:
        Small changes of typos are not mentioned, and not all  additions may be listed here.
        But all the main changes to the site are listed here.


  • Apr 20: Crisis+me+ME: Mills, CEO-pay, crisis, self (looking back) : This is a crisis report, but it is from Easter Sunday, and there were only two crisis items. Therefore I reported these and added two somewhat general comments on the crisis and myself.

  • Apr 19: Crisis: Kochs, Energy, Krugman, Diamond, Obama, Peirce : And yet another regular crisis report, although the last bit is about C.S. Peirce, who today died a 100 years ago, and who
    was the most important philosopher the last 200 years or so, in my opinion.

  • Apr 18: Crisis: Snowden *3, The Divide, US Oligarchy, Lavabit, Piketty : Another regular crisis report, though the first item contains three dotted links, all about Snowden who had the temerity according to some, and the great courage according to me, of questioning Putin. The other items are about Taibbi's book; the arrival of the fact that presently the US is an oligarchy (yes, it is); some more on Lavabit; and a long essay on Piketty, that I found good and informative.

  • Apr 17: Crisis: FBI, Blank Checks, Open Source, Taibbi, Clinton & Obama : A regular crisis report with five items, of which at least the second, fourth and fifth may be interesting, while the third advocates for open source.
  • Apr 16: Crisis: Pulitzer Prize, Feinstein, Krugman, US Oligarchy, Robinson, Psychiatry : This is again mostly an ordinary crisis report, at least for the first four of the six items it contains. The last two are mainly my own thoughts about a book of Joan Robinson I read in 1973 and saw now advertised, and about psychiatry, that is not a science.

  • Apr 15: Crisis: Polk, Pulitzer * 3, Cellphones, Artificial Photosynthesis : This must be the most optimistic crisis report of the more than 450 I wrote since September 1, 2008: Almost only good news, and the bad news is not really crisis news, but about cellphones, and only there because it may explain (part of) the radical fall in sexual activity I wrote about. Anyway... check it out!
  • Apr 14: Crisis: Predicting Crises, Hedges, NSA * 2, USA Oligarchy, Corporate Cash  : And another crisis report, that starts with the issue of how to predict crisis, continues with an article by Hedges, followed by two on the NSA, continued with one that insists the USA is no longer a democracy but an oligarchy, and ends with one by Alan Grayson on how good the corporate entities without souls and bodies have it, compared with how bad many with bodies and souls are now.

  • Apr 13: Crisis: Capitalism, Silicon Valley, Obama, Government, Torture : Another crisis report, starting with an article about "Capital in the Twenty-First Century", also billed as "Capital". There is more on the failures of Silicon Valley, of Obama and of the American government, and a request made to Dick Cheney.
  • Apr 12: Crisis: Torturing CIA * 2, Greenwald & Poitras, NSA, Koch vs Sanders : This is another crisis report. I think it is interesting.

  • Apr 11: Crisis: Greenwald & Poitras, Merkel, Ryan, NSA spying : Yet another crisis report, and one were all items are about the crisis - except, perhaps, the first, which announces that Greenwald and Poitras are in the US today.

  • Apr 10: Crisis: Heartbleed * 2, Snowden, NSA, Tamiflu : Another crisis report, although the crisis may be considered somewhat absent from the first two and the last item, which are resp. about a safety bug and medicine. Then again, the last definitely is in crisis, again due to deregulations, that gave pharmacological companies the means to keep nearly all of the data in secret (including secrecy about their doing so!) - which means that whatever is produced is a pseudoscience rather than real science, quite independently from how well the science would do if it would get all the data. (For it cannot do well without them: this holds in medicine as in physics.)
  • Apr 9: Crisis: Snowden * 2, Greed, Minimum Wage, CIA, Personal : Another crisis report, with five crisis items, including a good one by Robert Reich, and a not so good one on greed, that I use to give the definition, simply from the dictionary, and to show my distaste for Ayn Rand (not so much because of what she said, though I do not like it, but especially because she was stupid - which these days seem to be a necessary condition to be widely known as "a philosopher"). And there is a nice
    video for Zappa-fans, and a re-upload of Multatuli's Ideen - 7, both in the Personal section.

  • Apr 8: Crisis: Snowden + Poitras, McCutcheon, Loyalty, Torture, CIA  : And another crisis report, with five crisis items.

  • Apr 7: Crisis: Greenwald & Snowden, British Press, CIA, Rumsfeld, Hudson : Again a crisis report, though there wasn't really much. The last item is and is not about the crisis: it is about a radical economic dictionary.    

  • Apr 6: Crisis: NSA, Moyes, Torture, United Nations, ME/CFS : Another crisis report,
    consisting of four items, of which I like the submission to the United Nations best, that I recommend you read in full. There also is a last item on ME/CFS that explains quite well, and empirically, that I am not making things up, if I say that I feel and am ill.
  • Apr 5: Crisis: Scam, Drones, Supreme Court, Chomsky, mB12 : A crisis report, with some interesting things, including an interview with Chomsky, and a written piece by Cenk Uygur and one by Glenn Greenwald.
  • Apr 4: Crisis: Senate * 2, Yahoo, Breyer, Super-Rich, Reich, NSA, The Sixties : Another crisis report. This is about the Supreme Court's decision given yesterday; about the Senate's report on the CIA; about Yahoo's encrypting; and about the three proposals to restrain the NSA, of which only one is serious. And I threw in a reference to a film of nearly 2 hours about the 60ies, from 2004, because I liked it.

  • Apr 3: Crisis: US democracy much weaker, Donald Rumsfeld, Usher's Syndrome : This is another crisis report. The main news is that US democracy got another hit from the Supreme Court:  big money now is almost totally free to spend as much as they want on politics. There also is some about Rumsfeld and about the man who made a filmed interview with him, and a bit by the woman with Usher's Syndrome.

  • Apr 2: Crisis: Guardian, NSA, US oligarchy, 1 %, Chomsky : And again a crisis report, this time not a big one because there wasn't much and also my eyes are today pretty lousy. But is is nice that the Guardian is the paper of the year, in Great Britain.   

  • Apr 1: Crisis: NSA * 2, CIA, Stock Market, Marx Right? : And yet another crisis report, mostly
    with updates, though some interesting ones, and with a disquision on the rightness of Marx.

  • Feb 28: Crisis: Massive webcam spying * 2, Obama, Begg, Personal : Another crisis file, of which the most important news is that the GCHQ now has a database of millions of faces that were on webcams between 2008 and 2012, including some 10% of nude images. Are they of "terrorists"? Of course not: This is state terrorism, and the state wants everything of anyone, and feels entitled to it as well. Also, the other articles are well done. In the Personal section I explain that I am still working on Chamfort and the ME-section, but haven't finished yet.
  • Feb 27: Crisis: GCHQ, DoJ, Cheney, Police State, Personal : This is another crisis file, with some information about planned updates in the Personal section.

  • Feb 26: Crisis: Greenwald * 2, internet, 4 Darknesses, Bubble, Personal : This is a crisis file, with reviews of two good pieces by Glenn Greenwald, among other things. Also, I rectify a mistake I made yesterday: I use 1600 mcg of metafolate, rather than 800 (and forgot to multiply).

  • Feb 25: me+ME: On being Dutch + on my mB12 protocol  : This is not a crisis file but it is about some aspects of being Dutch, and about my current mB12 protocol. Also, earlier today I straightened out some in the autobio-section, and uploaded these files.

  • Feb 24: Autobio: 1970 - De Sleep-In en daarna : This is not a crisis file, but one in the series that forms the first version of my autobiography. This is in Dutch, and treats the second half of 1970, when I came to lead a Sleep-In in Amsterdam, and started to live on myself, and again in Amsterdam. (This file will soon be copied to the autobio-section, and probably will there be rewritten some.) There also probably will be a crisis file later today. And it is here: Crisis: Obama, Snowden, Deep State, Germany, SSD, ME/CFS : This is another crisis file, with some good bits, notably the second and third items, and with two medical bits thrown in at the end, because I am really ill for 36 years now. Finally, I updated the autobio with today's file, as autobio-12, and indeed extended this some (only in the autobio-part).
  • Feb 23: Crisis: Repo, Corporatism, "Liberals", NYT, TPP, Snowden : This is another crisis file, although it differs from most other crisis files in having three videos. The reason for that is that I couldn't find many written texts, and I liked these videos (that are all by TYT).

  • Feb 22: To start with, I have today made a link to my autobiography files in the maartensz section in philosophy, and also added a little text to the TOC of the autobiography files (first version) that explains what I want to do with what there is, and also what the rest is planned to be like. And there now is: Crisis: Judge, Apple, Amazon, Clinton, Personal : This is mostly another ordinary crisis file, and there weren't many items today (a Saturday).

  • Feb 21: Crisis: Greenwald, Engelhardt, Jacobsen, TYT, Harding, Personal : This is mostly another ordinary crisis file. The second item, by Tom Engelhardt, is quite good, and I recommend you read all of it. And the last item, Personal, contains a list of the directories I re-uploaded this year. It turns out I did more than half, but the remaining part is a bit more complicated.
  • Feb 20: Crisis: Bishops, Merger, Unequal US, Journalists, Blunders, Personal : This is another ordinary crisis file. There are also some links added to earlier autobiographical files (of January 30 and January 24). And there is an extension in this file - news English - under Feb 14: I added the part in brackets.

  • Feb 19: Crisis: Clapper * 2, Snowden, Brandis, Greenwald, Parry : And another regular crisis file.
  • Feb 18: Crisis+me+ME: Scheer, Assange, Spiegel, Gøtzsche, ads & internet : This is again an mostly an ordinary crisis item, but it ends with a personal reflection on things the internet brought that I do not like, but can't do anything about.

  • Feb 17: Crisis: Polk Awards, Dual State, NSA, Obama, TV, sadism : This is again an ordinary crisis item. I do think a few items, such as the one on the dual state, are quite interesting.

  • Feb 16: Crisis + DSM-5: It's the deregulation, stupid! : This is in fact, apart from the beginning of the introduction, a repeat from January 11, 2013. My reasons to repeat it are that it is quite good; it is not sufficiently read; and also I can't much improve on it at present, while I wanted to write something like it.
  • Feb 15: Crisis: Secrecy, NSA, Snowden Files, Mobsters, "We", Ellsberg : This is again an ordinary crisis file, with some interesting items.

  • Feb 14: me+ME: Mijn vader's tekst - "Wij nemen 't wéér niet" : This is not a crisis file and is, apart from the introduction, in Dutch: it is about a text of my father that was published in 1970, and that, at long last, is on my site in readable form (though it could have been done better, with a better scanner and better health). It concerns a booklet of 16 pages, that accompanied the exhibition he and others had created about concentration camps, World War II, and also after it. It was quite radical, but I liked and like it. (My father also got knighted for the - great amounts of - work he did to make the exhibition, which also was the first such exhibition in Holland. This was quite extraordinary in Holland, because he also was a communist, and communists did not get knighted, with just one other exception, in Holland, where the whole Supreme Court consisted of Nazi-collaborators, who never were punished in any way, as hardly anyone was, even though more than 1% of the population was murdered, and very many had collaborated.)

  • Feb 13: Crisis: Index file: 401 and further : This is the start of the third index file for the crisis series, that now is going on from September 1, 2008. There may be another file today, but I am not sure, for I also have to do some other things. However, there is: Crisis: Clapper * 2, Fusion, Internet, Snowden, New Normal : Another crisis issue.

  • Feb 12: Crisis: NSA, GCHQ, Protesting Global Surveillance * 2, Economy, The Rich, Playing : Yet another crisis issue, with some quite interesting contributions.
    I also updated the index to the crisis until Feb 6, 2014, and crisis item nr. 400.
    And there now is a brief file about Suzy Chapman
    me+ME: About Suzy Chapman : The reason is that she, who is one of the most rational and intelligent people who wrote about M.E. and related subjects, has chosen to stop updating her sites. I give a brief explanation, but it is due to me, not her.
  • Feb 11: Crisis: The Intercept, NSA, Obama * 2, Starkman, Zappa : Another crisis file, which is a bit special because it registers the arrival of The Intercept, which is part of First Look Media, which is run by Greenwald, Poitras and Scahill. Also, the last item is 59 seconds of Zappian diagnosis, which I agree with (after a small change), indeed from the Sixties onwards. (One problem with it is that it leaves little hope, but then that is what most intelligent men had, or lacked, once they had overcome their teenage dreams: the vast majority is not intelligent, and instead is conformist and that is humanity's biggest problem, by far.)
  • Feb 10: Crisis: Snowden, Economy, Pills, Personal : Yet another crisis file, although with only three files, and the third one on psychiatry. But I couldn't find more. I also should say I added yesterday some small corrections and some links to On "All in the Family".

  • Feb 9: Crisis+me+ME: Reich * 2, NSA, violin, crow, Zappa : Another crisis file, or at least the first half is. The other three parts are about medicine, an amazingly intelligent crow, and a collection of interviews on the opinions of Frank Zappa. I like these (two videos) and also like my own comments on medicine. (But none is for the dumb or the average.)

  • Feb 8: Crisis: Greenwald, GCHQ, Obama, New Web Mag, "Terrorists", Epstein-Bar : And another ordinary crisis file, with 5 items with 7 links on the crisis, and one item on Epstein-Bar (that is there because this is how the disease my ex and I suffer from started).

  • Feb 7: Crisis: Snowden (?), Chomsky, TPP, Surveillance, Fight back : Another ordinary crisis file. En autobio-18 van twee fotoos en twee extra alineaas voorzien. (Ik doe dit niet in Nederlog, waar ik gewoonlijk zo weinig mogelijk in herzie.)
  • Feb 6: Crisis: Surveillance, Deception, Schröder,  inequality US,  power to  the people,  60ies: This is again an ordinary crisis file. It has some interesting articles, notably the one on deception and on restoring the power to the people in the US (!), by a bill proposed by Nancy Pelosi, and perhaps also the surveillance article, if the February demonstrations succeed.

  • Feb 5:  Autobio: 1977 - Terug in Holland : This is another part of my autobiography, and is in Dutch. There will be a crisis file later today. Also, I uploaded the file to the autobio-section, where it got renamed as "autobio-20.html". And finally I have this: Crisis: Social Justice, NSA * 2, Global Recession, Digital Independence, Beatles : This is an ordinary crisis file. In case you are bored, you can look also at the last time the Beatles played together, at the end, which is now over 45 years ago.    

  • Feb 4: To start with, I have today uploaded a new copy of the Nederlog index for 2013 that, quite unaccountably, missed the last four entries, that were quite good. They were there, so I cannot account for their disappearing from the index, but at any rate they can be reached now from the index again. Also, there now is this: Crisis+me+ME: Military, History, Truth, "CFS", me+ME : This has three articles on the crisis, followed by one on ME/CFS, that is followed by a fairly brief update about my condition with ME/CFS.

  • Feb 3: me: On myself : There were very few crisis items, and I recently reread my journal for 1977, in which I found an English reply by me, of some three typed pages, to questions posed in a book of Laura Huxley. So I decided to reproduce them here, and added today and yesterday thirty notes. (This is the only time I did answer such questions, and though the questions aren't very good, my answers still mostly satisfy me.) And if you're only interested in the crisis, you'll have to wait till tomorrow.
  • Feb 2: Crisis: Snowden, Lavabit, Obama, jail terms, Perkins, Moyes, Orwell, psychiatry : This is an ordinary crisis file, with seven crisis items and one last bit about psychiatry (mostly a repeat, but it is good).

  • Feb 1: Crisis+me+ME: SOTU - lies; NSA & climate; open net; probability; pessimism : This is both a crisis file, of which there were only three items, and also covers two items of my own, on probability and statistics, which are often abused because they are rarely well understood, and about pessimism.


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