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Jan  1, 2019 Nederlog 2018: Updates for the new year

Crisis: Resistance & Faith, On Assange, Remove Trump, Women At Home, Open Internet
Jan  2, 2019 Crisis: Chomsky on Brazil, and Human Life, Brazil's Neofascist, Bernie Sanders, The US Democrats
Jan  3, 2019 Crisis: The Guardian's Lies, US Federal Employees, On Bolsonaro, On Neofascism, Hartmann & GOP
Jan  4, 2019 Crisis: NBC/MSNBC Journalism, The "War on Terror", House Democrats, Impeachment, Nader
Jan  5, 2019 Crisis: Funding The Wall, Neocons, On Elizabeth Warren, Big Money & Politics, Being A Radical
Jan  6, 2019 Crisis: Corporate Bribery, Decent U.S. Tax, Psychiatry & Trump, Building Of The Wall, On The EU
Jan  7, 2019 Crisis: Facebook To Court, Neoconservatives, 10 Climate Cataclysms, De Niro, Capitalism Is Killing
Jan  8, 2019 Crisis: Election Circus, Democrats & Identity, Borderline Insanity, Pelosi´s Powers, On Corporations
Jan  9, 2019 Crisis: Popular Delusions, Mainstream Femnism, Voting Rights Bill, Corporate Pillage, Russia-gate
Jan 10, 2019 Crisis: The Crisis, William Arkin, Trump´s Presidency, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Robert Reich
Jan 11, 2019 Crisis: State of Emergency, Bill McKibben, US Military Bases, Corporate Media, Green New Deal
Jan 12, 2019 Crisis: On Angela Davis, The Opioid Crisis, Michael Cohen Testifies, Nancy Pelosi, On Truth
Jan 13, 2019 Crisis: The FBI & Trump, Trump & the FBI, The Green New Deal, On Fact-Checking, British Spies
Jan 14, 2019 Crisis: Ocasio-Cortez In The NYT, Striking Iran, The Environment, Green New Deal, On ¨Fascism¨¨
Jan 15, 2019 Crisis: On ´Private Governments´, FBI vs. Trump, IRS Aids The Rich, U.S. Democracy, Dictators
Jan 16, 2019 Crisis: The crazy Bolton, May Crushed, Next Economic Crisis, A Basic Income, EXIT Free Internet
Jan 17, 2019 Crisis: Three Articles On Brexit, The Pentagon´s Many Lies, Sleepwalking Into Catastrophe
Jan 18, 2019 Crisis: Impeach the Motherfucker, Lost Children, On Surveillance Capitalism, Ehrenreich, Sanders

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