Tuesday January 31, 2017

Crisis: Crisis index for 2017 - 1446 and further

Crisis: Crisis Index for 2017: 1446 and further

This is a Nederlog of Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

This is a crisis index file for 2017. I have now found a more or less reasonable way of indexing my crisis files, that started on September 1, 2008. (This is Dutch, as were the first 82 of - presently - over 1500 files, but it is good, and all but the first 82 files are in English.)

1. Crisis: Index file: 1079 and further

This continues the following six indexes of files in the crisis series:
The present file is the continuation of the above indexes and starts with 1446
for January 2, 2017. (And that is the 1446th file I wrote about the crisis, since the first one on September 1, 2008. They all can be accessed from the above indexes.) 

The present crisis index is compiled from the Nederlog index by deleting non-crisis items. These are the files I wrote
on the crisis in 2017, starting on January 2 of 2017. (You can see all the dates by hoovering over the titles.) The rest of the index will be compiled monthly in the same way.

January 2017


Crisis: Crisis: Trump Thief, Expectations, On Economy, US Totalitarianism, Mark Blyth
1447 Crisis: Noam Chomsky, Wall Street Editor, Washington Post, Tyranny, Neofascism
1448 Crisis: The Real USA, A Lie, Scandal-Ridden, Obama Neoliberal, 2017 Worse
1449 Crisis: Washington Post, Trump & Wall Street *2, Electoral College, Angela Merkel
1450 Crisis: Greenwald *2, Obama, Trump & Wall Street, Secret Armies, Political Correctness
1451 Crisis: Glenn Greenwald *2, "Russian Hacking", Trump's Voters, New World Order
1452 Crisis: NSA's Hacking, Election-Rigging, Impeach Trump, Media's Failures, Gitlin
1453 Crisis: Fear, "Russian Hacking", Trump's Tweets, Billionaires, American Crisis
1454 Crisis: USA Declining, Streep, No Vetting, Fisk On Lies, Davies On Mainstream Media
1455 Crisis: False Claims, Trump & Russia, Wall Street, Trump's Cabinet, Trump Psychologized
1456 Crisis: Lofgren, Greenwald, The Trump Brand, Press Conference, "Democracy"
1457 Crisis: N.S.A., Trump's Businesses, Journalism, "News Conference", Economics
1458 Crisis: NSA's Liberties, Trump, Era Of Bullshit, Healthcare, Trump & Secret Laws
1459 Crisis: Attacking Trump, Obama's Qualities, Right Wing, Goldman Sachs, Hedges' Videos
1460 Crisis: Revolting, Anti Dissent, Neuter Press Freedom, Davos Man, Modern Art
1461 Crisis: Jeremy Corbyn, Trump & Russia, Trump & Intelligence, Stasi's Powers
1462 Crisis: Manning Released, Taibbi On Trump, Pilger On Us, VIPS, Obama & Clinton
1463 Crisis: Snowden, Manning *2, Trump vs. CIA, Trump Not Sane (Spiegel)
1464 Crisis: About the crisis: A VERY fine long interview with Chris Hedges (from 2013)
1465 Crisis: On Obama, Trumpian "Laws", Trumpian Appointments, NYT's lies, Journalism
1466 Crisis: Welcome to the NUSA!
1467 Crisis: On Trump, The Inauguration, The Press, American Carnage, Trump & Media
1468 Crisis: On Revolt, Fascist Trump, Emperor Trump, Compulsive Trump, Dangerous Trump
1469 Crisis: US Intelligence, TPP Dead, Protest Forbidden, Oil & Gas, Trident Failure Hidden
1470 Crisis: Trump's Capitalism, "Alternative Facts", Felony Charges, On Obama, Media Blackouts
1471 Crisis: CIA Tortures, More Oil, Trump Imperialist, Corporate Media, TPP, On Russia
1472 Crisis: Stopping Trump, TPP, Military Cesspool, Trump's Lies, War on Facts
1473 Crisis: On The Media, Torturing People, Chomsky, Gorbachev On War, On Trump
1474 Crisis: On Orwell, The Media, Trump's Demolitions, Fascism, On My Sites
1475 Crisis: Psychosis, Silicon Valley, Trump's Removals + Trials, A Lie = ..., Hannah Arendt
1476 Crisis: The crisis index for 2017 - 1446 and further
1477 Crisis: Goldman Sachs Effect, Trump & Bannon, Statisticians, Trump's Ban


Explanations of the renewal of my site

Crisis: Secret Docs, Trump's Government, Trump Above Law *2, Rightwing Power Grab
Crisis: Trump's USA, On Reality, Bannon, Reuters, Creepy Trump, Philosophers
Crisis: Nazis & Trump, Resistance, The "Democrats", What End, Coup d'Etat
1481 Crisis: Trump & Wall Street, Power Elite, "Sociopathy", Militarized USA, Carlin On Bullshit
1482 Crisis: FBI's Control, Populism, Warren, National Security, Frances On Trump
1483 Crisis: On The USA, Trump Dictator, USA & Propaganda, Sanders On Trump, Europe In Spiegel
1484 Crisis: Trump's Unknown Terrorist Attacks; Trump, Stalin and Science; Trump and Bannon
1485 Crisis: Trump's Foreign Policy, Resisting Trump, Corporate State, Democracy, Dark Money
1486 Crisis: Catharsis (?!); ACLU; Deregulations; Democracy And Ethics; Neoliberal Capitalism As Myth
1487 Crisis: Democratic Failures, Advertising, Trump & Truth, Ban Illegal, The Trump Era
1488 Crisis: Trump's Impeachment, What To Do, USA Police State, Orwell vs. Huxley
1489 Crisis: On Bannon, On the TTP, Americans & Democracy, On the TISA, Ignorant Americans
1490 Crisis: The Elites, Trump & CIA, On Chomsky, Obamacare, Trump's Psyche, Hedges & Taibbi
1491 Crisis: Dystopia, "Civil Rights Groups", Trump & China, Trump & Loglines, Michael Hudson
1492 Crisis: Exit Democracy, Law & Government, White House, Major Corruption, More Hudson
1493 Crisis: Psychiatry, Messy White House, "Russian Hacking", American Economy, Democracy
1494 Crisis: Trump Press Meltdown, Nuclear Apocalypse, Glenn Greenwald, Trump Scams
1495 Crisis: Trump & Fascism, One Month, Vilified Media, ResistTrump, Republican Backbones
1496 Crisis: On Muslims, On Republicans *2, On Trump and the Deep State, Carlin, Snowden
1497 Crisis: On (American) Racism *2, Democrats & Leaking, McCain, Trump
1499 Crisis: Dodd-Frank, Police State, Tyranny, Constitutional Apocalypse, On Trump's Madness
1500 Crisis: On Palantir, Helping The Police, "Fake News", Arrow's Theorem, George Carlin
1500 Crisis: The Gulfwar (1991), US Race Laws, Bannon, Trump's Degeneracy, Big Pharma
1501 Crisis: On The Reichstag, Trump's Abnormality, The Media, The Free Press, About Russia


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