28 januari 2010


Two other good English articles about ME


    "The mild and the long-suffering may suffer forever in this world. As long as the patient will suffer, the cruel will kick."
     -- Sidney Smith
      "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
    -- Edmund Burke
    "A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury."
    -- John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

Two days ago I wrote about a Good article in The Times about ME and I am pleased to have seen two more, to which I give the links

These articles are about two persons with severe ME, and also about the very severe difficulties their families have had to face.

Indeed, the second is about Mrs. Kay Gilderdale, whose daughter Lynn, after being in bed for 17 years in pain and without being able to speak or sit up (!), tried to commit suicide by injecting an overdose of morphine, who had to appear in court for helping her daughter to commit suicide, was "cleared by the jury for attempting murder" and set free by the judge.

For more on this, that indeed is not a pleasant subject, see

There are quite a few persons more with ME and parents of persons with ME like the late Sophia Tirza and the late Lynn Gilderdale. They and their families need help, not denials of help.

The horror of ME is less the disease as such, horrible as it is or may be (for it may vary in severity and in symptoms), than the indifference to it, the pooh-poohing of it, and the denigration, defamation and denials of help these people and their family have been subjected to.

And it not for nothing that my site opens since 1996 with this quotation of Voltaire:

   "If we believe absurdities,         
    we shall commit atrocities."    

It is because so many people have let themselves be swindled morally and intellectually by the psychiatric and psychotherapeutical pseudo-scientists that so many patients' human rights have been cruelly destroyed, and that people like Sophia Tirza and Lynn Gilderdale were driven into suicide.

P.S. I intend to follow especially some of the English and Dutch quality papers (so called) as regards their reporting about ME, and will praise where praise is due, and criticize where criticism is due.

And here is a little entry that moved me to my diagnosis of MEdical sadism:

The whole story screams Munchausen's by proxy or a similar delusional state between mother and daughter. Most medical professionals will have seen enough to realise and pick up the clues running right through the article above.

ME is not a disease, it is a state of mind. Like the 98% of people who have been proven NOT to have a food allergy or sensitivity at all.

Cue the outraged nutters defending the undiagnosable and therefore sacrosanct..................................
- Ex NHS Surgeon, Middlesex UK, 28/1/2010 09:27

Also, this claimed Ex NHS Surgeon is a liar: "Most medical professionals" consider "Munchausen's by proxy" a nonsense diagnosis, or one only decidedly sick or Soviet psychiatrists would arrive at.

Besides if "ME is not a disease, it is a state of mind", surely my mind must be diseased, for thinking I have it for 32 years now, in which I got an M.Sc. in psychology with the best possible marks, but could not work, and have been in bed for 16 hours at least for  the last 20 years, all without any help, all in the dole, and all without a family to develop "Munchhausen by proxy"?

And in these 32 years, of which I spend the first ten not knowing what disease I had, I have since learned there are some 17 million people allover the world who have similar symptoms, developed completely in ignorance of my symptoms.

Besides, this claimed Ex NHS Surgeon - not a courageous person at all, also, since he wants to sow his nonsense anonymously - is very offensive to many of his medical colleagues:

1. Anthony Komaroff

Ten discoveries about the biology of CFS (pdf)

3. Hillary Johnson

The Why

4. Consensus (many M.D.s) Canadian Consensus Government Report on ME (pdf)
5. Eleanor Stein

Clinical Guidelines for Psychiatrists (pdf)

6. William Clifford The Ethics of Belief
7. Paul Lutus

Is Psychology a Science?

Surely, these then are "outraged nutters" too? Isn't it high time that this anonymous Ex-NHS Surgeon from Middlesex steps forward with his name and titles and declares proudly, above his signature, that professors Komaroff and Hooper are "nutters", just like doctor Stein and the many medical doctors who wrote the Canadian Consensus Government Report on ME (pdf)?

And isn't it both sick and cowardly AND in contradiction with such moral norms as medical doctors must live by to write this bilge anonymously?

Finally, in re this obvious medical sadist: As I said, the horror of ME is not so much the disease, though that may be horrible enough, as the lack of help that is given after some medical nutter has insisted it is "undiagnosable" or "psychogenic".

Maarten Maartensz

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