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Squeak Help tries to explain Squeak. Squeak is a programming environment and programming language. Here are its main directories and subjects:

- Basics
- Background

- Environment
- Glossary

- How To

Class Comments

- Help on Help

Conventions in Squeak Help

Important terms in a text are in bold.

Terms in blue are links to other parts of Squeak Help. (Example: Help on Help)

Expressions in magenta can be executed in Squeak (not in a normal web-browser!) by highlighting the expression followed by Cmd-do, Cmd-print or Cmd-inspect. Highlighting can be done by putting the cursor at beginning of line plus Cmd-Space or Shift-end. "Cmd"="Alt" on Windows and Linux.

Example for Cmd-p
100 factorial"shows the factorial of 100 = 100! = 1*2* ... *100. Cmd-z removes it."
Example for Cmd-d

Browser openBrowser "starts a System Browser in Squeak. Clicking the upper left x removes it."
Example for Cmd-i
#('One' 'More' 'One' '?' 'Go') asSet. "starts an inspector on the set. Clicking the upper left x removes it."

For more see:

- Basics
- Assorted initial remarks

- Help on Help

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This is version 0.3 of Squeak Help.
Released: January 19, 2005
See: Help on Help
On April 24 the
Class Comments
have been added (again). They are
incomplete, and for an older version
of Squeak (3.7 will do), but seeing
the traffic on my site for my
Squeak-pages, I decided to add them
(again). At least the files are there
for anyone to download and improve
on or extend.